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Consistency is the Key

Duh. We all know this and I’m Captain Obvious. But seriously, y’all consistency is key!

So I know I have at least one reader … Derrick!

He’s always asking when my next post will be up. So this is for you Derrick, king of consistency and your beautiful “running” wife, Connie!

I’m doing my thing everyday. Day 60/80 to be exact. Trying to shed some pounds, make good habits and be positive, hahahah. If you know me, then you know I’m pretty much whining every step of the way. I can’t help myself!


Derrick and Connie, on the other hand, whether they are struggling on the inside or not, don’t show it! Both of them, like me, were going strong and consistent and making gains until Nov/Dec where we all seemed to slack off a bit. But we all seemed to come back to it in January.

These two have been champs in their workouts. Derrick is at CrossFit Boom on the regular – killing it! And Connie, is running miles and miles everyday. These two have the key to success – CONSISTENCY!

And that’s what you need to be successful. You can’t be in one day, and out for 3 days. You can’t have a goal but make excuses the whole way. If you’re positive about it, then you can do so much better. I’m proof that you can complain a good part of the way and still have success, but you have to be CONSISTENT!


There’s not time for wishy-washy. There’s not time for sneaks and cheats! There’s not time to take a birthday cake sample even if it’s your significant others special day. You have to show some restraint, just for a little bit! I didn’t say FOREVER!

I really dislike this acronym, FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. But it appears that a good majority of people have this lately. Or my new acronyms, FOGLO, Fear of Getting Left Out. Or FOGMFO, Fear of Getting Made Fun Of.

I imagine those of you reading are old enough to be ADULTS. You make the decisions in your life, I hope. Yes you can say life is short, I’ll eat and do what I want and that’s great! I love that. But you can’t say life is short, I’m fat, I’m unhealthy, I hate myself, I want to change and still eat and do what you want. You just can’t.

I don’t know your goals. I don’t know what you want out of life. But if you want a healthier life, you have to make a decision to be healthy.


You need discipline in your life, just for a moment. A month? 80 days? I don’t have the answer for you specifically, I just know you need to set aside some time in your life, put your big girl panties on and be disciplined and consistent!

You need to not worry what you friends and family are going to throw your way. You need to be a wall of determination. You need to not worry if you can’t drink at your friend’s get together or your family reunion. Are they going to put you on blast for not partaking in good food and good drinks? Maybe! Who f’ing cares! You have a goal. A plan! Lose the FOMO, the FOGLO, the FOGMFO. And be good to you! Make others look at you and show them what a little discipline does.

I struggle with being disciplined all the time. It’s not easy. But it’s not so hard that it’s impossible. I have ups and downs and you will too. But I circle back to CONSISTENCY!

If you can’t stick to a workout plan or a food plan, you will get nowhere. If you aren’t the fittest person in the world that’s ok. It’s the food that you need to focus on above all things. The working out or being active is important to overall health, but nutrition needs to come first.

But again, you can’t eat one healthy meal a day and then eat junk the rest of the day. You can’t log all of your healthy food, but “leave out” the cookies that your coworker brought in to share. You can’t log your breakfast and lunch but forget to log your dinner that included beer/wine/cocktails. You need to hold yourself accountable. Take stock of what you are eating on a daily basis. Even if your day isn’t perfect, log it! Be honest with yourself!



Like I said, I still struggle. I had to force myself to do an 80 day challenge. I had to force myself to commit. I’ve kicked and screamed pretty much the whole way but here I am with a lot of success and only 20 days left in my commitment.

Do I stay holed up in the house and keep myself from the real world and real tempations? Hell no. I plan, I prep and I stay strong. I meet friends for dinner who drink and eat all the things. I make the healthier choices and drink water or unsweet ice tea. Or I eat before hand and just grow up and deal with the fact that I’m not going to eat chips and salsa/queso. I attend my kids baseball games sometimes back to back to back with no healthy options in site. I take my snacks with me. I am laughed at a little bit or poked fun at cause I have a baggie full of roast beef. Or I’m eating cottage cheese and pineapple in the stands. But guess what? I’m losing weight. I’m losing inches. And I’m getting fitter/stronger in the gym! Yes sir!

Do I want a beer? Hell yes! Am I going to have a beer when 80 days is up? I have no f’ing clue.

Do I want fries and a spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A? You know it! But will I eat it on day 81? I have no f’ing clue.

I have eaten on point for 60 days. I feel better, I look better, I am better. I’m not sure what I’ll do, but for now I stay consistent with my workouts and my healthy eating.

Be like Derrick, Connie and me. Be CONSISTENT! You will see change. You will see success!




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