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Encourage Yourself, Encourage Others

Well looky here, another post. Wasn’t sure I was going to motivate myself to write weekly. But I feel it’s just one more thing I need to do to help keep me focused. If I write, I will want to continue to write about success and not failures. Don’t worry, I promise to have lots of failures along the way, but I’m hoping the good wins over bad for the long run. All of this to self motivate and encourage myself. It’s more work, but it’s worth it.

Encouragement in general is just another key to success. Sometimes you have a squad, sometimes you are solo. I encourage you to find a group, whether that be with your family, your coworkers, social media, etc. It always helps to have outside support. Wherever you land though, the biggest encouragement has to come from yourself. Your friends and family can and hopefully will support you but they may not be there everyday. Unfortunately, they could end up being some of your biggest distractions.


You’re going to have to take things into your own hands. I can almost guarantee if you show up to a workout, even when you don’t wanna, you will be glad you showed up, did the work and made something happen! I can also almost guarantee that if you skip the workout, you will have some sense of relief but you’ll probably be kicking yourself later on for not doing the work. There are some days where I’m totally good with skipping the workout but most of the time I will sit there regretting my choices. And instead of just getting up and getting something done, I typically take myself down the rabbit hole right into poor food choices. Which as most of you probably knows, will take you further down the rabbit hole to just say “f” it and quit all together.

But I/you/we can’t do that! We gotta suck it up. We gotta say NO to the negative thought process. We gotta say NO to friends and family when they don’t understand your journey and try to take you off course. We have to be stronger than the day before.


I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s easy. It’s stupid. It’s hard. Then it’s easy. Then it’s stupid again. The past month, I’ve been trying to stay consistent. Not all my food choices are great choices but they fit my macros for the day. As the month has moved along, I am making better choices that fit the macros but not always because (insert all the excuses). Saturday, I had a poor poor petri moment. My emotions were jacked. I didn’t want to eat my “prepped” food. I didn’t want to eat good food. I wanted to eat junk. I was the star of my own tv show where you watch the person on their journey revert back to eating poorly. After all you’ve done, you’re going to eat “that” now? Yes, yes I am! And it sucked. And I felt it. And I was mad at myself for caving. The positive is that I didn’t let it carry onto Sunday. I truly got upset with myself and fixed it!

That’s a huge step in the right direction. A couple of months ago, that Saturday would have turned into a 2-3 day who gives a damn food binge.

bebetterYou have to be able to pull yourself up from the floor. No one else will do it for you. And you’ll probably get upset with someone if they got on to you. So no matter how much I want someone to just tell me NO DON’T EAT THAT, I may end up punching them. Because, seriously, who are you to TELL ME what to eat or not eat. My kids try to encourage me sometimes when they see me going for the sugary sweets. Sometimes they win, sometimes I threaten their lives 😀

Now if you cook the good food for me, I would be a whole hell of a lot nicer! Just saying. Any volunteers to be my inexpensive personal chef? Anyone? Anyone?

So get your ass moving. Get your ass in the kitchen. Make solid food choices. Make it a point to get your sweat on at the gym, the track, outside… wherever you seek fitness!


15 min AMRAP – Meters on the rower
Row forever. I got 3092 meters in that timeframe

Calorie Row
Hand Release Pushup
After the previous 15 minutes of rowing. Terrible. I suck. TIME: 7:32

Strength: 10 minutes of wall walks and shoulder taps
I’m heavy and I have weak wrists. I’m not in a good place to talk about this but I at least did what I was told.

10 DB Push Press (20#)
15 DB Front Squat
Bike 24 cals
HSPU = Handstand Pushups or a variation. I do a box variation. Between the HSPU and the Dumbbell work, I was fine. It’s the damn devil bike that wins… EVERYTIME! As mentioned for workout before, I suck. 142 reps. 

800m sprint (buahhahahahahbuahahahhaha) This is funny as SPRINT is not currently in my vocabulary. And for sure not for 800m! Time: 5:29

METCON: 3 rounds
50m Double KB walking lunge (35#)
350m Double KB farmers carry (35#)
Well, well, well…. I have a ridiculously wonky right hip/groin/glute/etc. I was not able to lunge with weight, so I subbed air squats. The farmer’s carry was doable but it beat me up. My grip and forearms were smoked! Time: 26:57

Strength: Double Unders Practice
I have these for the most part. It’s been a while since I did any jump rope work but it all came back. Just need a new bladder, please and thank you!

For Time: 
400m run (row)
100 dubz
40 cal bike
100 dubz
400m run (row)
I almost didn’t show because of all the speculated bad weather coming. But as I was driving home, there wasn’t a drop of rain or the appearance of storms. Showed up at gym, and let the Tornado Warnings begin. A lot of storm, funnel clouds, etc. But thankfully no full blown tornadoes and we got our work in. Like I said, NEED NEW BLADDER. Stringing together the dubz had me running for the bathroom. It’s so sad. We got to row instead of run because of torrential downpour. And the devil bike in the middle. I have a hard time just grinding it out. I pout, give up, barely bike. But I finished. Time: 16:59

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