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January is D…R…A…G…G…I…N…G!

It’s the same every year, January, where everyday is one month long. But this January seriously feels like FOREVER!



We are finally in the last week of the month. I’m just looking forward to longer, sunny and warm days! Where are you spring?

I am sorta thankful for the milder “winter” we are having in Texas, although I fear the mosquitos that are waiting to swarm at us on the daily. They can’t wait for longer sunny days either! I’m not about that blood-sucking, itch for days life. So mother nature we’d appreciate a good freeze. But just a tiny one. Cause I am not built for the cold!

I’ve been chugging along this month. Working out. Somewhat eating right. And doing my best to hit my macros. Some days, it’s so freaking easy! Other days, I’d rather just not eat at all. And then some days, it’s a mental battle and it takes everything in me not to stuff my face with all the food. In my 20+ years of adulthood, I will never understand why I can’t just find a happy balance. It’s seriously baffles me. Why must I LOVE sugar? And crunchy, salty, fried food? And greasy, fatty, junk? Why can’t I just be a robot that eats the same fuel day in and day out and not shed a tear?

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I’m trying. 90% of my lunches are the same thing. Shredded chicken, rice, avocado, tomatoes and grapes. I know, I know. Lacking in the veggie arena but I tend to make that up in the evenings. I don’t dislike veggies, I just prefer not to eat them. Can I just eat a steak, some kind of potato, a bag of oreos and just be fine? Please? Sadly it doesn’t work that way. And Oreos are something from the devil, I’m sure of that.

So I drink my protein shake. Drink my sugarless coffee. Eat my healthier foods and chug along. Throw in some workouts and I’m feeling good. The pounds are slowly coming off… about as slow as this damn month we all love… January!


If I can survive this month, anything is possible, right? Well maybe. I have baseball. Technically, it’s not me playing baseball, but it’s baseball season and it consumes my life. Games are 3 nights a week. My high school kid plays two nights a week. My college kid plays a lot more, which unfortunately is far away, but if the schedule allows, we’ll find a way. My food planning has to get into hyperdrive so I don’t eat baseball concession food ALL THE TIME! Hot dogs, sausage links, NACHOS, candy, popcorn…. you name it, I LOVE IT! Gah, it’s time to get super duper mentally tough. I’m squinching my face as I typed this, knowing it’s not going to be easy for me. It’s going to be a challenge. It’s going to test my will. But I have to figure it out if I want to stay on track to losing this fluff and just being healthier. My workouts will be less, so nutrition is more important than ever. 

It all starts next week. Wish me luck!

2000m row (10 min time cap)
I wasn’t sure that I would make the time cap. Maybe but it’d be close. I surprised myself with 9:17 row!

3 Rounds: (12 min tim cap)
10 Deadlift 155/105
10 TTB (knee raises for me)
30 Dubz
Time: 7:13 
I didn’t do toes to bar, cause I can’t, but I did knee raises better than I ever have. And held on to the bar for longer! I’m a big wuss when it comes to hanging from the bar. I was a little bit less of one for this workout. I have dubz, but I don’t have a bladder of steel. So this was slower than I wanted.

STRENGTH (week 3)
Minutes 0-4: 6@50-55%
Minutes 5-9: 5@60-65%
Minutes 10-14: 4@70-75%
Minutes 15-19: 3@80-85%
Did this workout a day late and at home. I went with the high percentages until the last round because it got stupid heavy. But when you’re 60 power cleans in, not including warm ups, then 85% of my 1RM is hard. So I went slightly lighter at 80%. To throw in more excuses, we have a 45lb bar at home. It’s thicker than a 35lb bar, which makes my tiny hands cry a little more than usual. Overall, it was a great workout and much needed since I missed the actual class and I couldn’t make the class for this specific day.

3 Rounds: (20min timecap)
500m Row
21 Burpees
400m Run
All the weaknesses in one go! Not fun! I don’t mind rowing, but I’m short, so rowing doesn’t like me. Burpees are torture and running is extra torture. I didn’t manage to finish this in the time cap and I really didn’t care. I did solid work for 20 minutes. I was fine with that. I fell short and didn’t get the last run in. Maybe next time.

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