January 8, 2020

Holy Crap. I updated this two years ago. Life has been a roller coaster. I have found fitness and health and then I lost it. So here I am, desperately trying to claw my way back to a happier, healthier, and fitter life! Thanks for stopping by. Stay a while, maybe get motivated. Maybe laugh at my ridiculousness. And maybe just maybe join me on this journey.

January 17, 2018

Welcome to 2018 y’all! I’m still fightin the good fight. Trying to finder a fitter me. I’m 40, gah, and I’m finding consistency in my healthy eating and working out. It’s true, the older you get it harder it gets to shed the fluff. I’m not saying it’s impossible, it’s just not the same as when you are in your 20’s or even your 30’s. Your body wants to slow down a lil bit and you just gotta tell it “too bad.” Follow me as I try to find some sort of balance this year. Trying to lose weight. Trying to be healthy. Trying to win at life! 🙂


June 17, 2017

Life happened. Teens happened. I didn’t take a journey towards good from when I said I was going to do so back in September. But here I am, again. And hoping to be successful this time around.

I’m 39. Mom of three teen boys. Baseball is our life. I workout regularly doing CrossFit but eat terribly. I used to be all gung-ho Paleo, CrossFitter who aspired to compete. Now I just want to live a healthier life. And not be fluffy 🙂

September 6, 2016

I happened to blink and now I’m less than a year away from turning 40! I promised myself I would be “fit” before 40 because the struggle is real. And if I’m not on track by this magical age, I may never be on track! A few years ago, I thought I had it locked down but sadly I did not. It’s been a struggle for the past two years but I can’t let it continue! So here I am, trying, working, crying, failing, etc. I’m sharing my journey with everyone and anyone who is interested. I can’t promise I’ll always have awesome stuff to say, but I will promise it’s real.