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REST… sometimes it’s necessary.


Hey y’all, I know it’s a been a little bit since my last post. Life sometimes gets in the way! You know that, right? Well here I am and I have some catching up to do 🙂

So I’ve been chugging along, working out, eating great 90% of the time and doing fine. And then BAM, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I hurted something. Maybe a nerve, maybe a muscle. I don’t know. I worked out Friday and everything went relatively well. I missed a box jump but caught myself. The next day I had a garage sale. I was on my feet all day but my Saturday night I was struggling with standing up straight, walking normal and sleeping. I was in pain. Maybe from exhaustion? Maybe a delayed tightening from the box jump miss? I don’t know. So I did nothing all day Sunday, just rested. Then for Labor Day, our box had one workout. I wasn’t sure what I could do but I went anyways. Once I warmed up, I wasn’t feeling too shabby but I wasn’t feeling 100%. I tested all the movements and landed on doing everything but deadlifts. Overall, I was feeling much better than Sunday. And that’s where I was wrong. By Monday night, I was not good. Tuesday, I struggled walking. Wednesday, I saw a chiropractor near my work. And the next couple of days was on and off with pain mostly getting better but I was feeling it for sure.

1vxcwzI badly wanted to keep working out. I’m one of the weirdos who actually enjoys working out but I knew deep down that REST was the only answer. I rolled out and iced everyday. And sadly popped ibuprofen like it was candy.

By this past Monday, I was feeling tons better. I still have some limitations on what I can and can not do, but I’m not in pain and I’m moving pretty good. I’m not trying to kill myself in a workout either. I have the mentality that I’m there, I’m sweating, I’m doing something, which is better than nothing!

Had I pushed myself like I wanted to, I’d probably be in pretty bad shape. Mentally it was challenge, because if you’re like me… when you’re down and out… you want to EAT all the BAD things and DRINK all the bad things. I won’t lie. I did have some not-so-healthy food. It was still in moderation but overall it wasn’t ideal.

take-care-of-yourselfMoral of the story is that you have to know when to take a break. That it’s ok. It’s life. The journey will continue and as long as you stay strong in your food game, you’ll be just fine.

Since my activity level hit rock bottom, I knew I had to watch what I was eating. And I did with the exception of one or two meals of badness mentioned above. Guess what? I still had weight loss. Sure it could have been more but the scale went down and my spirits went up!

Still moving along. Still grooving! 3 months in. My next weigh in isn’t til Saturday, but since I was trying to get this post out before then, I weighed in. Technically I’m 19.6 lbs down! Woohooo! But let’s just round up and say 20! Sounds so much better! I haven’t taken measurements. But I will next week.

I’m following the program. I’m sticking to it at least 90-95%. I’m not cheating. When I say “cheating,” I’m being honest with myself. I’m not sneaking in foods and acting like I didn’t eat it. I know when I choose to eat something off plan and I own it. I don’t hide it. I haven’t been as diligent on my food logs because it’s pretty routine now, but when I do go off the reservation, I make sure I do log whatever I’m eating. Just for accountability and if I gain, I know exactly why I would have gained.


Even though the past two weeks have been subpar, I’m pretty excited for the progress I’m making. I’m hoping next week, I’m back in full force. We’ll see.

How are y’all doing? Making progress? Stumbling along? Being a superhero? Let me know. I’d love to hear where you are at and where you are headed. Maybe you need a little push from a complete stranger – ME!







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