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Quarantine Week 8

If you’re just tuning in… I have only recently blogged about Quarantine Week 7 and now Week 8. I have not been logging each week, in case you’re looking for Weeks 1-6. But, alas, here I am. WEEK EIGHT of living with shelter in place. Texas is partially open but that doesn’t mean much. I… Continue reading Quarantine Week 8

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January is D…R…A…G…G…I…N…G!

It’s the same every year, January, where everyday is one month long. But this January seriously feels like FOREVER! FOREVER! We are finally in the last week of the month. I’m just looking forward to longer, sunny and warm days! Where are you spring? I am sorta thankful for the milder “winter” we are having… Continue reading January is D…R…A…G…G…I…N…G!

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Well boys and girls… It’s been ONE year!

…I decided to reclaim my health and boy has it been a journey. It’s been hard, it’s been easy, it’s been terribly inconvenient, it’s been sloppy, it’s been simple and it’s been complicated. Basically, it’s been all the things! A year ago I declared to the world I was tired of being FAT. Click here… Continue reading Well boys and girls… It’s been ONE year!