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Halfway There, 40 days to go!


Well whaddya know? I’ve made it halfway! I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a bumpy road but all-in-all, I’ve done really well. Yes I’m tooting my own horn! Cause seriously, this shit ain’t a walk in the park.


I’ve been hitting my calories and my macros (for the most part). I’ve been following the Advocare way and I’ve been eating very well. There’s always room for improvement but again, calories and macros are being met and relatively clean eating is my norm. It’s inevitable that we’ll eat out. But I make the best choices I can and I log all the things.

The workouts were really on point until baseball picked back up. I’m trying to get at least 3 workouts in a week… TRYING.


I’d like to get more workouts in, I just haven’t pushed myself to workout at home or do extra stuff when I can’t make a class. UGH! Need a better mindset, ASAP!

toot-my-own-hornI won’t weigh or measure until day 53. Geesh, that’s 12 days away. But I’ve had several folks compliment me on how I’m looking good. Yes tooting horn again. I mean how to I share that without sounding like an ass? I’m not trying to be one. I am thankful for the compliments but I still don’t see much change in myself that makes me say “hell yeah!” I’ll feel better when the tape measure and scale tell me the facts. At least I hope I’ll feel better. But then again, if other people are actually noticing, then there’s got to be some change, right?!?

So here I am, fighting the good fight! Still. And hopefully beyond the next 40 days.

Where are you at? How’s your journey? Struggle bus? Winning at life?


We all have excuses, but the question is are you going to keep making them or are you going to suck it up and do something?





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