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Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

When you feel the need to check-in with everybody but have nothing interesting to say, what do you do? I’m still doing all the things and being good. But I don’t have any earth-shattering, get up off your ass motivation to give.


I’m trying to survive myself but I also want to tell you that you can do it too. Just get moving. Just change the one habit. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I say this almost every post. But is anyone out there listening? Are you making the changes? Are you telling me to shut up? Haha, that makes me laugh because if you are, then just stop reading. Like go away. So most likely you aren’t reading this if you are over me and my broken record status. So why am I still writing to a nonexistent reader? Make the madness stop!

Moving on… hello current reader! So are you making the changes? Are you taking my advice? Or are you waiting? Waiting to see if I fail? It might make me more human. It might making you freaking happy. I’ve learned in life that there’s a good chunk of people just waiting… waiting to see if you’ll fall down. For some reason, there are some pretty unhappy folks wishing for other people to not succeed.


Well guess what? I have failed. I had a blog years ago, I was kind of fit. I was little pompous and little over the top. And then I failed. Failed real good. Gained a lot of weight. Got to my heaviest I’ve EVER been and stayed there for what seemed like forever. And then I decided to come back. And I’m older and I struggle. I did good for a few months then slipped up and now back on track. It’s a crazy life of ups and downs and it’s always a work in progress.

But back to SUCCESS. I only WANT people to succeed. I seriously want people to overcome, find their strength and win! Win at all the things. It makes me happy to see other people rise up and be better.


I write for two reasons. 1. to just get my shit out there for my own sake. 2. to hopefully motivate/inspire someone else to find good health.

I share my struggles to let you know that I’m with you. Life can be hard and hard can be defined in so many ways. Hard is bad health. Hard is an injury that really never goes away. Hard is working paycheck to paycheck. Hard is juggling a family, work and trying to enjoy life. Hard is unemployment. Hard is finding a next meal. I know my hardships are peanuts compared to a lot of the world. But they are my hardships nonetheless. As yours are to you.

I’m not inspiring for so many things, but maybe my small journey will lead you or someone to their small journey. I have to find my WHY for me and you have to find your own WHY.

Whatever it is, even if it’s not health related, you need to find that goal, that reason to get up and do something and then go out and do it!


Day 45/80 Advocare ONE/80 Transformation Challenge

So yes, I’m just chugging along. Some of my days haven’t been ideal in regards to balanced meals but I’m making it happen one way or another. My everyday consists of busy, busy, busy and I’m not cheating. I’m not losing my mind. I’m not actually having any cravings really either. Don’t get me wrong, bad food ALWAYS sounds good but not in a way that I have to have it. It’s mostly when I’ve gone too long between snacks and meals that I feel most vulnerable. But I know it’s not worth it. Why bother taking on and 80 day challenge to toss it out the window when I’m past the halfway point.

My workouts on the other hand are not on point! I made two workouts last week. Three the week before. With baseball being rained out for the rest of this week, I should get 4 or even maybe 5 workouts! I’m really excited about this. I know I complain a little bit when it comes to certain workouts but at the end of the day I really enjoy it. Once it’s over, of course!

Physically, I’m feel good. I still have old lady aches and pains but that’s on me. I don’t do enough mobility work. It’s a must and I don’t do it. So along with getting a workout in when I “say” I don’t have time, I also need to get some recovery work in as well!

Mentally, I’m on this train. Like I’ve been saying, I AM DOING THIS. I just may not have a smile or happy attitude about it. I feel accomplishment for sticking with it despite a sorry attitude and then I feel good when I get a compliment from someone. I measure and weigh in 8 days. I don’t believe I’ve made much progress but I hope the scale and tape tell me otherwise. I’m afraid my self perception is always going to be negative. I don’t know how to make it change. Hopefully, it will just happen. I just have to practice positivity.

And that’s all I have for now. Enjoy your week. Make each day count.


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