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Day 9/80… battle of the mind

The weekend was ROUGH! The struggle ain’t no lie.


When I don’t have a schedule I’m off my game. But I’m surviving and staying the course!

Here’s where I stand:

  • Almost done with the Herbal Cleanse portion of the challenge. ONE.MORE.DAY! Then I will weigh and take measurements.
  • 71 days to go for the challenge! Ha! That seems like forever. I know it’s one day at a time but I can’t shake how long that appears to be. It’s seems like an eternity away.

I want pie or wings or fries. Or a cherry coke from Sonic. STAT! I’m not even that big of a soda drinker. But gosh it sounds so tasty! The mental battle is huge.


In general, I’m fine. As I mentioned above, the weekend was a little off in regard to eating times and proportions. Not enough fat in one meal. Too many carbs in another meal. etc… My brain wants MORE. If you could have seen me pace around my house Saturday evening like a food junkie, you’d be on the floor laughing. Debating to eat chips, order chinese food or get a fix off a cakeball. You’ll be glad to know, I steered clear. I did eat extra food on Satruday but we’re talkin’ tuna packets, fruit and almond butter. How’s that for binge eating! I went to bed early just to stop thinking about ordering that damn chinese food! By Sunday I got control of myself and evened things out!


MORE FOOD. MORE SUGAR. MORE FAT. The cravings are real. It’s not worth throwing it all away though. I want to know what I weigh on Day 11. Hopefully less. And then 14 days from then, hopefully even less. And if the weight isn’t moving, I want the inches to be gone. So sabotage isn’t in my cards. But the internal struggle is strong.

I know this the same song but different tune. Six months ago I was doing the same thing.  Talking about the smells, my sad state of prepping food. Blah. Blah. Blah.

download (2)

See what happens? One month of being off and it’s basically starting over. It’s a butt whoopin. Starting over sucks, so if you’re struggling: DON’T QUIT! Suck it up and keep going. It’s almost double hard, knowing I worked hard over the summer and fall and then backslid once the holidays hit!


In workout news, I had an epic 6 days of working out last week! But sadly have started this week out with a big fat nothing! Hoping to redeem myself. But I had things to do and places to be and the workout disappeared :/  I feel like a tired ol lady but I’m hanging in there.


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