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Day 25/80 Check-In… mid-week blues.


Hello ladies and gents. Where do I begin? I actually started my journey back in June, 2017 and did alright through mid-November. Then went off the rails. I started back on Jan 8, 2018 with the Advocare ONE/80 Transformation Challenge. Pretty much starting over. I had taken so many steps in the right direction only to fail myself and slid almost all the way back to the beginning.

In June, I weighed 199 lbs. By October I was down to 177. By January I was back up to 186.3 and as of TODAY, I’m 180.6 That’s a total loss of 5.7 pounds in the past 24 days. I was hoping it would be more, but that was really wishful thinking.

I had also lost a lot of inches but some of those inches came back! I had gained back quite a few from Nov – Jan. But in the past 24 days I lost almost 8 inches. I attribute that to booze and junk food. Drives me bonkers how you can work so hard to lose the things and it takes SO LONG. And in a few short weeks, it’s all down the shitter. Frustrating!


So all in all, I’m not super stoked with my 7 month history but I am excited to be back on track and moving in the right direction. My 24 day success is a good start to the new year. Now I just keep groovin along. Meal prep. Food logging. Working out.

I really want to add more to my day when it comes to working out. Something early in the morning, but I just can’t seem to find that extra motivation. More wishful thinking on my part.


As I type this my emotions are everywhere. 55 days all of sudden feels like 100 days. I should be excited I’m over 5 pounds down in 24 days. Where will I be in 55 days? Will my metabolism decide to work with me? Will I stay on track? Can I sustain the meal prep for 7 more weeks?

Surely I’ll be successful, right? I hope so. I just don’t feel it right now. I guess I’m just mad at myself for letting November and December get me off track. So don’t mind me. Poor, poor Petrie. I will stick to the plan. I will keep on keepin’ on. I just need to get myself out of my low spot.

giphy (1)

Where are you right now? It’s a new day. Let’s get after it. More intensity, more discipline.

That’s all I got for today.


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