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I <3 LIFTING! And you should too!


I didn’t grow up in a gym. I didn’t grow up lifting weights of any sort. I played sports in school, I cheered competitively and I “worked” out at “aerobics classes” in college. I did some circuit machines in regular gyms. I may have picked up 15lb or 20lb dumbbells at a normal gym and did a few things but that’s about it or worked out with a weighted bar in an aerobics class.

In my early 30s I joined a bootcamp class and we used 10lb dumbbells a lot. As I lost weight and got more fit, I asked the trainer for additional work. He gave me some things to do at the gym and that included a barbell. I was awkward and unsure. But I did the movements and thought I was lifting heavy! I maybe was pulling 75lbs. And whoa baby, that’s nothing compared to where I’m at now.

CrossFit happened. More specifically, CrossFit Boom.

I had no idea the level of heavy I would eventually get to and learn to love. I was one of the first people to join this new box that was near my house. I was fortunate for this because I got a lot of one-on-one training. I was tasked to do things called thrusters, deadlifts, clean and jerks, snatch, front squats, back squats, overhead squats. All of these things with the barbell.


It was unnatural, weird, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time.

But the reward far outweighed the frustration and still does, cause let me tell you the frustration is real! I’m a mental case some days and some days I feel super awesome. But when you hit a new PR (personal record) it feels so great! You know you’ve been working and getting stronger but sometimes you don’t realize it until you get that bar up!

Lifting heavy is empowering. It tells me I’m strong. It tells me I have mental toughness. It tells me I can kick ass and take names.


I’ve had my ups and downs for sure. Injuries, lack of attendance and sometimes a sour attitude prevented me from making gains. I would have to find a new ONE REP MAX often times at a lesser weight than what I knew I was capable of. I also have an irrational fear of dropping a barbell on my head or something because there are lifts where I should execute but I fail. I have the right things going for me. And I just can’t finish. Makes me want to cry sometimes. It’s definitely a mental thing, but when I overcome it, it’s a feeling that is hard to describe. It’s success. It’s hard work paying off. It’s not a fluke or a lucky shot. It’s a personal win, mentally and physically.

And lately, I feel the consistency paying off. I’m lifting near or at my ONE REP MAXes much more easily. I’m feeling good when I grab a barbell not whiny or grumpy. It’s a matter of good reps. Lots and lots of reps.


I suggest you find yourself a barbell and someone who can help you learn some lifts. Get to work and see it pay off. And ladies, you will not get bulky and manly. Yes, you will build muscle and you should lean out but you won’t turn into a bodybuilder. That takes a lot of food intake and a lot of lifting. I mean a lot!


Advocare ONE/80 Transformation – Day 31/80

Monday was the first day I’ve had processed sugar. It was so cold at my kid’s baseball game, I needed something warm to drink. Hot chocolate to the rescue! It was really sweet and I plan on being prepared with hot tea for future freezing cold games!

Other than that, I’ve been doing pretty good. Still planning ahead and having the “right” choices available. Lately though, I haven’t been as hungry. I know I need to eat my snacks for calories and to sustain me through the day, but sometimes I just don’t want to eat. I still eat everything for the most part. But it’s weird that I’m at this “not so hungry” phase. We’ll see how long it lasts. I still want a cookie. But not really all at the same time. I’m a crazy person.


For the Super Bowl, I made baked wings and dipped in Primal Kitchen Ranch. I didn’t take a proper picture… FAIL. They were alright, but I wouldn’t dare say they compared to an actual greasy yummy hot wing. I know chicken skin is fat. But I didn’t realize how many calories/fat that those tiny ass wings carry. So that was definitely a treat. I’ll be sure to just stick with baked chicken and maybe some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce drizzled over it!

I made it to 5 workouts last week which is good. Now that baseball has begun, I need to figure some rescheduling in my life. I hope to at least get 3 workouts this week. Maybe 4. Maybe find some motivation to wake up early and do some work. SOMETHING!

On Friday, a Body Analytics Truck will be at CrossFit Boom. I wasn’t planning on weighing until Day 53, but I couldn’t pass up getting a more detailed weigh in. We’ll see how it goes!

I hope everyone is doing well in their journey. Stay strong. Focus or REFocus. Find the why! And get to it!




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