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So Many Things…

Day 18/80

I’ve got the attention span of a squirrel lately so bear with me. I have several things to talk about.


ONE – Embracing the Suck

I’ve embraced the suck and I am finding a better mental state. Bout time, I know! But I’m human. And I’m a whiny little girl baby. That’s all there is to that. And I’m betting that a lot of you are just like me in some ways.


I don’t wanna. I don’t have the time. It’s gonna hurt.  It’s gonna suck. This is terrible. Why? Ugh. Bleh. Blah. I don’t run. I don’t diet. I want to eat bad things. Etc.

I have been kicking and screaming through this whole challenge. I’ve been pouty and bratty. And now I’m done with the temper tantrum! One of my friends shared the video link below with me recently. And that sums me up perfectly. I’m going to do your dance but I’m going to cry too!

But hello!!!! I am on the upswing of this 80 day challenge. There’s still a long way to go so don’t be surprised if I find a low spot in the future but right now, I’m feeling good mentally and physically. The routine is now routine. It’s what I do. It’s how I live right now. There’s not if’s, and’s or but’s. There is do or do not and I’m doing!

I’m gaming my days. Logging my foods. Drinking my water. Working out.


This feeling is not new. I’ve been here before but it still is eye opening as to how good I feel and how much energy I seem to have early in the day all the way through to the end of the day. It’s consistent. I’m not the energizer bunny by any means and I’m still no ray of sunshine but I’m getting better!

On Monday, we did this terrible… I mean awesome workout. 12 minute cap: 30 Hang Clean and Jerk, 30 Calorie Row, 20 Hang Clean and Jerk, 20 Calorie Row, 10 Hang Clean and Jerk, 10 Calorie Row. We had a larger class and went in 3 waves. If all the rowers were taken, we had the assault bike … grrrr…. Of course when I get to the row, all the rowers are taken. I waited like 10 seconds (maybe longer) hoping someone was close to finishing their row. Nope. Assault Bike here I come. ME = NOT HAPPY. I hate the bike. Thirty calories on the bike makes me hate it even more! Five calories in and a rower opens up. What do I do?


Well ladies and gents, I embrace the suck and stay on the bike. It’s a slow roll. And damn it, it sucks. It took me close to 5 minutes to bike 30 calories. But it was what it was.

By the time I got back to the rower, time is running out. I got 18 of the 20 calories in the last 78 seconds. For real? I would have rowed 30 calories quick-like in that first round. I might have even finished the workout! Doh! Oh well. The bike may be my mortal enemy but I will fight the good fight, even when I don’t wanna :/

On Tuesday it was Thrusters and Clusters and more Thrusters. Sprinkle in some Pull Ups and Burpees and well we got ourselves a party of SUCK! Bonus, it was a partner workout. so I typically despise partner workouts because I’m terrible, but having a partner gave me the much needed rest and having Tory as my partner is great cause she doesn’t care if I suck! Ended strong with 95lb Thrusters. I wasn’t sure I would make it through to the end but I did! (See video below for an example of a cluster.)

On Wednesday, more SUCK! Max Double Unders and Max Toes to Bar (TTB) were first. I managed to get 52 unbroken Double Unders. My sad shoulders have no endurance. I need to do more! And I haven’t successfully performed a TTB in months, maybe years! A lot of people have no issue with this movement. It’s easy for them. But when you turn into an overweight oompa loompa, it’s not so easy. But I’ve lost some weight, I’m feeling better. I’ve been consistent in my workouts. Let’s do this. So I gave it a go. I jumped up to the bar and oomph, got everything up but didn’t get my toes to the bar. So close, but not close enough! I tried several times and was so close, then I gave up. Not happening but soon, I know it will happen soon. OH well.

Holy crap, what came next was the Assault Bike, Kettlebell Snatch and more F’ing burpees! We had a big class so YAY for me, I had the option to ROW over the bike! Duh, ROW wins every time. I just chipped along, miserable the whole way. But I finished better than I thought I would so it’s a win!

But the biggest win was me staring down the RIG post workout and telling myself I would get a TTB… And I DID! ONE. Only ONE but ONE nonetheless! Wooooo!

TWO – Running away from Inconvenience

Inconvenience! It hit me in the head this week why so many people say they want to do something and then don’t. They don’t want to be inconvenienced. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t either, but it’s life and it happens all the damn time. So why can’t you just let yourself be inconvenienced for a short time to make a goal happen. Your bound to get inconvenienced later on down the road either way. So get it over with and then maybe not have to worry about it later on.


I see it with parenting, with getting healthy, with doing your job, etc. People will do anything for their baby not to cry. Which in turn could form bad habits and guess what you’ll be inconvenienced months/years later when trying to break that habit that you thought was saving you early on.

Getting by at work by doing the bare minimum. Sure sounds good and feels good at the moment but what are you gaining? NOTHING! You’ll either be upset you didn’t get promoted or a raise but you didn’t want to be inconvenienced by trying a little harder. That would ruin your Facebook games. Or whatever silliness you waste your time on.

suck it up butter white

Getting healthy…. ooo can’t miss that happy hour. Really? You’re that inconvenienced to not have a drink?

Or how about time? You don’t have time to meal prep? It gets in the way of doing “nothing!” Well, down the road, when you’re older and still overweight, guess what? It’s going to be even harder to lose that weight and you it’s gonna suck more! And you’ll be dealing with more shit anyways. So just suck it up buttercup.

Be inconvenienced now and enjoy life a little more because you CHOOSE to be inconvenienced which in turn makes things better! Did any of that makes sense? In my head it does… so if it doesn’t, I apologize! I know y’all are sick of me ranting. It’s tough love, y’all.

THREE – Day 18/80

All the things are coming together. Like I said above, I’ve finally embraced the suck. Although my attitude may not always reflect how I feel, I’m feeling better. I’m not going to slip up. I have had all sorts of foods offered to me. I’ve ignored the temptations. The dumb vanilla shake is not as dreaded. If I’m not hitting my macros dead on, I’m really really close! The aches and pains are finally not so achey and painful. I’m actually doing better at my workouts cause I’m not a junk food junkie. 62 days to go!


So what’s holding you back? Let’s go ladies and gents. It’s taking the first step that’s the hardest. And guess what? You might fall down. I have fallen A LOT and failed PLENTY! And that’s why I write and share my experience. I get back up. I’m not perfect. I’m a big ol baby. Every day is a work in progress. You just keep taking steps forward.

Hope everyone finishes the week strong!






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