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Learning to Cope – Day 15/80

15 days in. 65 days to go.


I had a much better weekend than last weekend. I actually had more of a schedule and I ate more balanced meals. This meant I wasn’t left floundering at the end of the day. I’ll be honest though, Saturday evening, I had some moments of boredom which left me craving a lot of food. I wasn’t hungry, but mentally I was just wanting all the bad things. I managed to deal with the cravings and move on, but doesn’t a french fry sound yummy?


15 days in and I’m accepting my challenge with a better attitude. I’m still struggling with the meal replacement shake in the Max Phase part of the challenge. I’m not a fan of the Advocare Meal Replacement Shake. It’s not completely awful, but it’s 100% a chore for me to chug down. Slowly, but surely I’m getting there.

It’s been a slow roll finding a happy place as you already know if you know me personally or have been reading along. I’m finally at a point where it doesn’t feel like such a beating going through the motions. And I meal prepped like a champ on Sunday. I should have taken pictures, but I was so caught up in the moment, I forgot :/


Just know I have measured and portioned (almost) all the things! There are still some daily items, like almond butter and measuring out my proteins but all-in-all, I’m doing great! Yes, I will pat myself on the back! And you should too if you’re sticking with it and making good habits.

As for workouts, I managed to get to 5 workouts for the week! Yay! On Tuesday we had to work up to a heavy front squat. Some days the bar feels heavier than other days. Tuesday was one of those days. But I was chugging along and heard there was a 50 burpee penalty if you failed at a weight. I thought it was a joke then realized it WAS NOT a joke. My mental self did not like that and decided I was done. Like no way am I going to keep going up and worry about failing. I did not want to do 50 burpees. I learned that was a deterrent for people trying to max out but still a real consequence. Unless it’s a ONE REP MAX day, I can guarantee you, I’m not trying to max out. I was convinced by Tory and Coach T to keep moving up to a heavy 1RM, so I didn’t give up at 125lb front squat. But I finally got to a heavy point and figured I should stop to avoid that damn penalty. When we were calling out our last weight lifted I said 155lbs. Tory corrected me to say 165lbs! That’s 10lbs below my 1RM. That’s good, one might say. True it’s good that I was “close” but had I known that was 165lbs when I got under the bar, I’m pretty sure I would have failed. Isn’t that crazy how the brain works?


The rest of the week was good by way of workouts. Two days with partner WODS isn’t great but it’s work and I’m doing it. I love the people I workout with, I just don’t love letting them down. They will say I’m not, but I feel like I do every time :/ Part of it, gotta learn to adapt.

How’s your journey? Just now starting or a few days in? Any day that ends in Y is a good day to start 🙂 I’m all in right now but that doesn’t have to be the case for everyone. Something as simple as adding more water to your day-to-day living could be your first step. Giving up one bad habit is also a good start. Or adding a good habit like exercise. You don’t have to jump in the deep end of the pool to start your journey to good health, you just have to start. starting-line_01

How many times have you scrolled past social media posts that invited you to workout at someone’s gym, bootcamp or run club? Stop ignoring those posts and step out of your comfort zone! Get moving, make changes, do something for you! You won’t regret it.



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