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Running Scared

Not the movie, Running Scared (with Paul Walker, great movie… watch it.), but serious running with a little fear in my whole being.

Let me set the scene. CrossFit Boom is located off a business highway. There are lots of repair shops, industrial warehouses, etc. Boom’s location was a former auto shop most likely. There are some neighborhoods but it’s mostly businesses and stretches of nothing.

After our 7 minute workout one of my boom-mates says, “I feel like I should go run or something, wanna come with?” My lazy bum self says, “You don’t understand, I don’t run.” She replies with, “jog?” I reply with, “not even, more of a shuffle.” She says, “ok then, let’s go!” I begrudgingly say ok.


We take off. It’s dark. Real dark. We get about 200m in and we hear barking. Loud barking. And I question if this barking is contained or running free. Friend says it’s gotta be behind a fence or something. And for a half second I agree. The barking is getting louder and then I see a silhouette of a dog a little ways down and across the 6 lanes of road, but I see it. We might be safe. But again it’s dark and this dog can see/smell us better than we see him. So we turn around trying to be cool and casual. No sir. Dog is still barking and it may or may not be getting louder. Fear really sets in. The reality that this dog can run me down kicks in. Remember I’m slow. I barely run.


At that moment, I’ve never sprinted so fast! We both were running stupid fast. Thankfully we were seriously only 200m out. And thankfully, he either couldn’t make it across the road because of cars or he was more bark than bite. But it wasn’t worth finding out.

I jest that the moral of the story is an “I told you so!” I don’t run and I almost died when I finally decided to give it a whirl. But I’m glad I went. I need to add “sprinting” to my life. But maybe next time without my life hanging in the balance!

Advocare ONE/80 Transformation Challenge.

Day 1/80 in the books! Despite my poor attitude, I’m doing this. On Dec. 29, as I was sitting at my desk stuffing my face with a cranberry cheesecake glutton bar and I told myself, “you’ve gone too far!” What is this that you are eating for BREAKFAST?!?

We all know I’ve been off the rails since November, but this is silly. Knowing myself, I can’t just quit the junk cold turkey on my own. I need a group. A team. Anything but my destructive self to help get me through. I had been toying with the idea of committing to the Advocare One/80 Transformation Challenge, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to 80 days! My friend, Karen, said she was ready to be on the train if I was ready. And on that Friday, stuffing my face, I text her and said I’m in.

Now I haven’t been Miss Positive Polly at all the whole time leading up to Jan 8. And I’m still not to a happy place. But I’m in. So I’m committed.

I prepped all my snacks and lunches for the week. I have my journal with me and I’m logging my food on MyFitness Pal. I’ve even set reminders to take the vitamins and other pills that go along with the challenge. High Five!


And I’m back to drinking the water I need to drink (thankful the restroom isn’t too far from my desk at work!) So all is good in the hood! But I’ve only completed one full day! Hehehe. I won’t post everyday, but I’ll try to keep ’em coming more quickly so you don’t have to read a 7 day recap.

But the goal for the next 10 days is to eat better, drink up with the water intake and do the Advocare Herbal Cleanse. In previous Herbal Cleanses, I’ve lost several pounds. I’m looking forward to that, but overall I’m just looking for better health. In the 14 days to follow that, I will utilize meal replacement shakes and other vitamins/thermogenics:

Here’s hoping to a successful journey and no more street dogs!




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