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80 days… I can do this! Right?!?

Monday, January 8, I will be starting the Advocare ONE/80 Transformation. It’s 80 days of following the Advocare way and taking their products set up over 3 phases.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 12.59.18 PM

I’ve used Advocare off and on over the past several years but have never committed to something this big. I know they aren’t perfect and whatever else but I’ve never had a problem with their products.

So here’s the deal… We all know I’ve struggled over the holidays and it feels like this program is the kick in the butt accountability that I need. I need to log daily. Take vitamins and supplements daily and also take before and after pics! And I’m financially invested. So why do I want to throw away money? Right?

The plus… IF I stick to the plan, I will see changes. If I work extra hard I could have a chance at winning $25K! What! What!


Now the reality is that I don’t want to start and the clock is ticking. I have no TRUE excitement. It’s almost a sense of dread. I don’t like this feeling, but it’s the feeling I have and I can’t shake it. I’m hoping come Monday my attitude will change. If it doesn’t I will still do the damn thing but I know it would be so much easier if my headspace was happier!


Maybe it’s just all the cold weather givin me the winter blues. I hope so!

I’ll still keep at it at CrossFit Boom. Working out makes me happy most of the time. Hopefully the combo of everything will give me the motivation to power through and be a story of success! Praying! Crossing fingers! Doing the hokey pokey!

For real…


So who’s with me? I’m not asking you to commit to the Advocare program. (unless you really wanna, then go here:

But who wants to stick with me for the next 80 days? Do your own thing. But 80 days, no breaks, no cheats, no excuses. Eat clean. Work out. Get good sleep. Drink all the water. BE BETTER! Comment on this post, lemme know!

That’s all I got.




2 thoughts on “80 days… I can do this! Right?!?

  1. 3 day countdown. Both looking forward to this and scared at the same time. But totally committing. Together we can do this. Positive thoughts for everyone joining in to commit. It isn’t a lifetime, only 80 days.


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