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Week 2 of 6


Just last week, I was a broken record on how clean eating will change you. Moving will change you. And I met this kid Omar who was at one point last year 400 lbs. He’s now 26, and as of 5 weeks ago had got down to 324 pounds, and in the past 5 weeks after working out and cleaning up his eating is now down to 304 lbs!

He was excited and is enjoying the journey but he mentioned the costs. The cost to workout somewhere like CrossFit, which can be spendy. The cost to eat healthier which is not cheap. It adds up. He’s 26, it’s expensive! But I told him, it’s the investment into your future self. So you won’t be dragged down with healthcare costs as you get older. Sure you may be better off financially but you’ll just be putting that money to pharmaceuticals or other healthcare costs. He agreed, because at 26, he’s diabetic. He has back problems and he’s always tired. He knows that had he stayed on course of unhealthy living, his life may not be a long life.

He knows he still has work to do but he’s come a long way. He feels better. He doesn’t just fall asleep sitting down. He has more energy through the day. He’s encouraging people to eat better and get moving. HE KNOWS the same thing I KNOW. You feel better once you start taking care of you.

I’m not saying you have to give up all the glorious foods. But your mindset will change. You won’t want them as much. Food can be an addiction, especially junk food, fast food, sugar food! It’s chemicals that trick your brain into wanting more than you need. It’s your mindset that people will treat you differently if you don’t partake in a cocktail at dinner. Or if you pass on the birthday cake at the office.

Yes, there will be some judgy people. They are unhappy people. Anyone who cares about you will support your new journey. They will. They may not fully buy into it or even fully understand it, but they won’t make you feel bad or try to discourage you intentionally!

And then when you start slimming down, become more active, be healthier than ever… you won’t care what other people think!

As for me… Saturday I weighed and… I was up .4 pounds. All the cuss words. This was the best I’ve eaten in WEEKS! This was the cleanest, healthiest I’ve been in WEEKS! Ugh! It is what it is. My body hates me! It really does.

perfectSo did I throw in the towel? No… well not right away… and then I did throw in the towel… and then I picked it back up. Rinse, wash, repeat. I’ve been a hot mess this week. One meal will be on point, the next not so much, SNACKS… I’m like a squirrel on pre-workout.

So there’s my honest assessment of the past couple of days. But I’m buckling down. I have food prepped. I have the tools I need. I just need to get with the program. If I can be back down to my “start” point and not up that will be a win.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve eaten some things. Some yummy bad things. It’s been cold. I want hearty, comfort food. Not clean, portioned food. The scale will tell SOME of the story on Saturday. But let’s be real, the scale is not the end-all be-all. The scale is a tool of measure. But it’s not the only tool and it doesn’t tell the whole story. The whole story is how you feel. Measuring inches lost. How you sleep. How you wake up.

The scale does not define ME or YOU! Remember that on your journey. It’s a crazy journey. And I’m not giving up on mine. I just have to find that good place again.

Happy Wednesday!

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