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S…l…o…w…l…y getting back on track!

slowly-clipart-1So I’m not going to lie, getting my S*!™ back together has been a lil bit of a struggle. I’m doing “fine” I suppose, but I definitely could be doing better!

IT’S AMAZEBALLS, THOUGH, HOW QUICKLY THE BLOAT GOES AWAY WHEN YOU CLEAN UP YOUR ACT! The puffiness, the water weight, etc… My body doesn’t feel so bleh!


a08dd41ccf3d017d8429d90a5383c1d0Why do I torture myself on this rollercoaster of eating clean, eating like crap? Well for starters, I like food – Junk food, healthy food, in-between food, fake food, etc. I LOVE SUGAR, all the sugar! But I feel like crap. I sleep like crap. I wake up in a craptastic mood. It’s not fun!

Then I buckle down, eat clean(er) and I wake up a little easier, I feel A LOT better and I’m not as mentally drained. That’s not to say that LIFE in general doesn’t bring me down, but it’s not a snowball effect of all the things.

So ya, back to my good ol’ broken record self… eating clean is worth it. Having a cheat meal every now and then… not so bad, but eating a cheat meal everyday is… not so great! As I get older, it’s definitely harder to bounce back, so I have to keep myself from becoming the yo-yo of gaining weight and losing weight. Harder said than done but again DOABLE.

If you feel like crap regularly, struggle falling asleep, struggle waking up, have aches and pains from doing absolutely nothing, stay sore longer than normal after a hard workout, get headaches often, lose energy halfway through the day… or any other terrible feeling, then you might want to consider cleaning up your eating habits. I can’t PROMISE you 100% feel good awesomeness, but I can PROMISE you things will start feeling better in general! And I feel confident that will lead you to the 100% awesomeness.

I’m just sayin!

Eat well move daily, hydrate often and sleep lots

So I weigh in on Saturday. We’ll see what a week of being “better” looks like. I’m not going to hold my breath on the scale, but I know in general I already am feeling better 🙂 and thats a WIN!

Let me know how you’re coping this HOLIDAY season! If you’re on the fence, it’s ok… baby steps! It’s worth it 🙂



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