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Merry Christmas Y’all!


First off, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I also wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who keeps reading this sporadic rambling of words. Life. It gets in the way. And I put this at the bottom of my to-do list.


But for those of you who take the time to hear me out, laugh along or at me, OR even find a little inspiration to keep on keepin’ on…. THANKS for sticking with me.

So the last time I wrote to you all was WEEK 2 of 6. I’d like to say I ended week 6 of 6 fabulously.

I did not.

I can tell you I worked my little BIG toosh off in the gym, but in the kitchen… NOT SO MUCH!

All my statements of sucking it up and powering through just turned into dust and faded away.

(palm to face)apple_1478011279058

I struggled. I got a back spasm that put me out of commission for almost a week. I ate like food was going to run out. The food is addicting. The sugar is addicting. If I was a bear, I’d be the most successful bear around, preparing to hibernate.

Unfortunately, I am not a bear. I will not hibernate. I will just have extra poundage that I need to get rid of.

(palm to face times 2) images (8) images (8)

So as I go into the New Year, I will refocus—along with thousands of other folks. I will find my cleaner eating self. I will continue at the gym.

I’m always a work in progress. Some days are great. Some days I eat my weight in all the bad things! I have friends who are there to support me. I try to support them back. It’s a give and take, all day, everyday.

Find people to support you. Find people who get you. Find people who will push you in health and fitness, not over a cliff. Find your tribe.

I hope to be consistent in writing this blog for 2019. It keeps me honest. It keeps me real. It keeps me on a better path. I do love lifting, working out an eating healthy. But I also love sugar and being a fat kid.

(palm to face times 3) Polar-Bear-Face-Palm Polar-Bear-Face-Palm Polar-Bear-Face-Palm

Until next year, y’all!


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