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Rise & Shine, Rise & Grind


I’m rising before the roosters and shining due to the layer of sweat dripping off of me… for now, twice a week. But I’m also rising and shining in my overall workouts DAILY! I’m not just writing that for praise or kudos. I’m writing that because last year, I was a fat kid. I could barely jog for a 100 yards.

When you grind day in and day out, you see change, you feel change, YOU CHANGE but sometimes it takes a hot minute to actually realize it. Every now and then I take a step back and say, “wow, a year ago that workout might have killed me or I wouldn’t have finished!” And then I realize that I should be proud of how far I’ve come!

It didn’t happen overnight though, now did it? NO sir! No ma’am! It was a lot of I don’t wanna’s, I ain’t gonna’s, and do I have to’s? It was a lot of FINE, I’ll go. Ok I’ll try. I guess I should get up and move.


It was me venting through this blog. It was me boring my friends, family and coworkers with my goals. I know I don’t shut up! But some of y’all love me 🙂 And I thank you!

Physically I’ve made change. Mentally I’ve made some changes, but I still see the fat kid. I still think I’m too big, too slow. I still beat myself up for not following through on eating well or not pushing myself hard enough in a workout.

I’m learning the mental process is a much slower process in some aspects. But my want-to and drive are definitely there. Hell, I’m willingly waking up at 4 a.m. so I can SPRINT. I don’t like running at all. I can’t stand it. But I can tolerate short sprints more so than a long boring run. It’s the next level for me. It’s part of my journey, so I will embrace it.


I’m showing up as often as possible to CrossFit Boom to get my sweat on in the stupid humid heat. We don’t have AC. It’s hot. I’m visit other boxes when I’m out of town. I’m utilizing the hotel gyms. I’m doing my part. I don’t just want to lose weight and be done. I want to keep on going. I want to stay fit, active and healthy. I want to be the grandma that can take her grandkids hiking and biking and whatever else they want to do. I still want to travel the world and be able to handle whatever adventure comes my way.


But it’s a process. Yes the couch, netflix, food, booze, sleep… they all call at me. Some days so loudly, I almost cave. Some days I do cave! Some days it’s barely a whisper cause I’ve got this. I’m on an island sometimes. All by myself. It’s almost like I’m a grounded teenager. But it’s self-inflicted. Why? Because I need good health. I see too many unhealthy folks. Too many! My age! Early 40’s. I just can’t do it. I was already there. Unhealthy. Boozy. Chunky. Let’s be real, I’m not trying to be a bikini model. I’m not trying to be weak and fragile either. I just want to be a lean, mean, fightin’ machine 😀 I want to be a symbol of strength. I want folks to know that anyone can work towards that goal and find success!

Y’all that process takes time. I wish I could tell you it’s quick and easy. But I can’t. I can KEEP telling you that it all it takes is to make a DECISION. The decision to take the step to make a change. Some days are going to feel awesome and some days are going to be terrible! But with time, it’s gets better. It gets less terrible. And somewhere along the journey, it’s just who you are. Someone who carves out time in their day to do something active. Someone who passes on junk food. Someone who plans their weekly meals. Someone who STOPS making excuses!


It’s not too late or impossible. Make the change folks!




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