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What a Weekend!


I sit here on a late Sunday night writing to you for your glorious Monday (ha!).

<edited Monday morning to say NOT GLORIOUS… traffic almost made me cry.>

The past four days were a slow but whirlwind-ish of a road trip to Tomball, TX. It’s a suburb area outside of Houston. It’s hot as is all of Texas, but it’s so much more humid than the DFW area. One of my kids had a baseball showcase down there, so as a loving and dedicated parent, I travel. We travel. We go where baseball takes us.

In my attempt to stay “healthy”, I went ahead and made my oatmeal/greek yogurt snacks for 3 days. I knew we’d have a kitchen of sorts so I would have a fridge. I also packed fruits. And we did a little grocery shopping when we got there. I ended buying these “perfect fit” meals at Kroger that were terrible but they suited my macro needs and were a healthier option.


For breakfast, there was “free” breakfast. Surprisingly, this was one of the better hotel breakfast buffets we’ve had. The scrambled eggs looked and tasted good. A lot of times, they are runny or mushy or something terrible. There was good sausage – andouille, chicken and turkey. Nice berry and grape fruit mix. Hard boiled eggs that were cooked well! And oatmeal, with healthy and not so healthy toppings available. It was a win!

My really poor choice confessions are: 3 beers. But they were oh so tasty. And some Mahi Mahi tacos. Fish is good and it was grilled, so I’m thinking it’s not so bad. The corn tortillas probably not so good for me, but they were tiny. Like seriously tiny. Smaller than an average street taco. I would say combined they equalled 1.5 corn tortillas, so I’m not going to beat myself up over that. My kid, however, was giving me hairy eye across the restaurant and guilting me. Buthis guilting did not win that night. But it was a valiant effort on his part 🙂

Me and Jenette after breakfast 🙂

And for our last breakfast, instead of eating our free breakfast , we met up with a longtime friend who lives in the area at a lovely little place called Levure Bakery & Patisserie. And boy did they have some beautiful pastries going on. But I managed to steer clear. I had an egg, ham, roasted potato skillet and some fruit. But I also shared a piece of sourdough toast with my kiddo.

All in all, I don’t think I did too terrible in regards to eating. Especially, while I was out of town.

As for working out: I visited CrossFit Igneous (about 3 miles from hotel) on Friday and Saturday. I haven’t dropped in at a box in many years, so I was super hesitant. I’m not the fittest human out there and when you show up to a new box, you really don’t know what kind of folks will be there. Average, super fit, super young, etc. Fortunately, there was a good mix of people and I didn’t feel like a fish out of water.

IMG_6452And we did a lot of hard work, so I felt right at home because our coaches at CrossFit Boom try to kill us on the daily.

On Friday we worked up to a heavy squat clean which was nice because I actually hit 125lbs which I had missed a few weeks ago. I attempted 135lbs but I just wasn’t dropping under the bar. It’s close, so close. Then we did an insane HERO WOD, J.T. which really gets your shoulders working, modified and all.

Community WOD at CrossFit Igneous. I’m towards the left, second row, repping my Boom shirt, next to a girl in a white tank and above the girls in the royal blue and gray tanks.

Saturday was the Community WOD. You never know what you’re gonna get. I’d say there was 50+ people there. Holy cow, that’s a lot of people! We had to partner up for the workout and I was just hoping that A. I wouldn’t let my partner down and B. that I wouldn’t die.

2K Row
100 Power Cleans
100 Lateral Bar Burpees
100 Front Rack Lunges
1 Mile Run

Mary chose me. After meeting her, I learned that she is fairly new to CrossFit. Like a month in. Her first impression was probably that I’m terrible at life so maybe that made her feel more comfortable. Mary killed it! She just chipped along, knocking out reps with ease. I did fine until the burpees. I slowed us down a lot but she helped out by doing a few extra reps. It tooks us/me about 43 minutes to finish. She finished the run much more quickly than me, so she most likely finished under 40 minutes.

As much of a beating as it was, I’m glad I went. I needed to make it happen.

As for baseball, the team did alright. It was a showcase, so there was no “winning the tourney.” They were there to play ball, have college coaches talk to them and maybe learn a thing or two. We all melted everyday. But we were happy for some pop-up showers and some cloud coverage.

Our drive home was rainy the whole way. Torrential downpour at times. But we made it home safely. When you drive to Houston, you go through Huntsville, and in Huntsville lives a ginormous statue of Sam Houston. I’ve driven past him hundreds of time. HUNDREDS… and I have never stopped. Well Justice wanted to stop and the rain magically cleared up for 10 minutes for us to take a detour and say a quick hello to ol’ Sammy. I read/heard that the state might take the statue down so I figured we better get that picture in.

That’s my weekend in a nutshell. It’s feasible to “do better” while you’re out of town. I won’t lie, it did help that it wasn’t a vacation and that I’m mostly broke! Hahahha! But it’s possible, if you really try!


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