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Doing the 5lb Cha-Cha

time-fliesOk so how did a month go by since my last post?!?!? Seriously!

Where do I even begin. I’ve been cha-cha-ing with the same 5 lbs for the past couple of weeks. It’s not a mystery of why I’m not losing weight. It’s me. It’s completely my fault. I eat well, then I don’t. I workout, then I don’t. And then there are treats for days… EVERYWHERE! And I’m pretty sure I eat them all!

cha cha

I’m a mess!

I’ve made it clear in the past I love to workout, but I also love to eat! And the holidays got me and they got me good. My schedule has been off. My food logs are non-existent. And I’ve had a few beers and a few crown & cokes. Bah!

On the bright side, I’m still working out. I’m late every damn day, but I’m there. And I’m pushing myself. If I’m not making gains, at least I’m not backsliding all the way back to the beginning. But I’m definitely not doing myself any favors. ZERO!


Since the new year is coming, there are so many motivational things floating around on the interwebs. Stuff that makes me go HELL YA! And I’m totally doing that… when 2018 rolls up. Why? Why have I mentally shut myself down? I don’t know. Note above: I’m a mess! A fat kid at the buffet, mess! It’s a mental beating. And it’s terrible.


And now I’m on the fence with a new competition that Advocare just announced with a grand prize of $25K. The Advocare ONE/80.


It’s 80 days! And you have to buy in to their products, take before and after pics, and write an essay at the end.

Pros: It’s a group thing, which is my jam. There’s a time limit. There’s a prize. I’m making an investment and the probability of me sticking with it is higher than if there wasn’t an investment and a prize!

Cons: It’s not cheap. It’s 80 days!

What will I do? I have no idea. I have til 1/16 to join but I need to make a decision pretty quickly because I don’t want to be a last-mintue larry.

I have one friend who might join me if I do. So that helps. But the money. I’m not made of it and it’s definitely something I need to figure out.

Either way, come 2018, I need to get my shit together. Get back on the wagon fully and get to work. A beach vacation is calling my name in July and my 41st bday is right after that. I made a small dent in my weight loss journey and now I’ve just stalled out.


Motivation… where are you? Willpower, please come back!

Did the holidays consume you? Or are you tougher than that? Did you take them on with preparation and mental fortitude?

I need y’all to get back on the gainz train with me or freaking lasso me up and get me on your train.


I hope you all had a great Christmas and I’m wishing you the best for the New Year! Let’s take 2018 by storm! (for real this time)





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