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Confessions of a fat kid – I ate a whole pie.


A whole PECAN pie last week. Well in 3.5 days to be exact. And I loved it and hated it all at the same time. Seriously WTF is wrong with me! Pie for breakfast? YES. How about pie for lunch? YES, please. And would you like pie for dessert after dinner? Uhm, (raising hand), yes!

I learned a few things.

1. THE FAT KID LIVES, ugh :/



download (1)

2. I WAS NOT HAPPY WITH ME, so I probably won’t go down that dark hole again. 🙂


Other than letting the fat kid win, I did get two work outs in last week. And I was productive around the house. I did indulge in some adult beverages but I kept myself in check and didn’t get wasted or anything.

And now I start over, AGAIN. I guess it’s not really starting over all of the time. It’s just dusting myself off and attempting to get my shit together. EVERY. WEEK. (sigh)


My focus is about as honed in as a cat on crack. I wanna do good. I intend to do good and splat… I eat cookies. Tuesday was the first day I didn’t eat an oreo in like 10 days. Yay, me! I ate clean. I ate my PREPARED food. And I didn’t have cravings for junk! Now I need to stick with it! FOR REAL!

I also worked out on yesterday. After a week off, I was seriously ready to push. And even though my junk-filled week made me slow and slower, I pushed the hardest I could. So that’s my rewarding feat. And of course, I felt great when it was all over. I did RX+ (65lbs) which is above and beyond than the regular prescribed workout. It’s rare I will ever do RX+ on any workout because typically the weight is more than I can lift.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 1.01.34 PM

Now I gotta keep the workouts up this week and get my eating under control!

I have no words of real wisdom on this post. It’s more of a confession, I suppose. I want to rock n roll into 2018, not be rolled in cause I’m a chubbalubba. I’m pretty sure I have an alien invader in my brain though. And I can’t get rid of it! HELP! 😀


How did you hold up through Thanksgiving? Good? Terrible, like me? Or just so-so? Do you have a plan of attack for the rest of this year? Can you share your will-power with me? Pretty please?!?

If I don’t get back to y’all this week, ENJOY IT! Make good decisions and pray for me and my will-power! Thanks!



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