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Nobody said it was EASY

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I’m 6 1/2 days in on this journey and I’m not doing terrible but I’m not doing great!  As promised, I’ve been journaling my food. I was writing it down, then taking notes on my phone and then I just entered it all into myfitnesspal. I haven’t found a happy place with the journaling in general but with the combo of paper and digital, I didn’t let anything slide. This is helpful in general, but Sunday, I went way off the rails! Oh man. Go hard or go home. Or stay fat. WTH, Stephanie? Why?

They Never Said It Would Be Easy Quote Nobody Said It Was Easy | The Huffington Post

Well, wings and beer sounded so delicious after 4 days at the super duper hot baseball fields. That’s why! My willpower was weak! It must get better. It will get better!

Other than that, I would say I’m doing alright. I found things on the go that in a pinch were okay. There’s some fine-tuning needed for sure (prepping ahead of time), but I picked better options. This girl right here can load up on sour patch kids and twizzlers! And I didn’t bother with any sugar temptations. That’s a win in my book.

As far as working out… that’s a little sad 😦 I worked out Wednesday. Got home late from work on Thursday and had to head straight to baseball, so no workout. Then with the baseball schedule on Friday/Sat/Sun, I did nothing. I need to make it a point to at least walk.

Last night, family matters came into play and I wasn’t about to go workout. But instead of letting stress consume me completely, I heated up dinner and prepped veggies for the rest of the week. So I’m rolling with the punches and trying to keep my head up.

I plan to make it to my workouts the rest of the week. Crossing fingers!

Are y’all making changes? Did anyone have an awesome week? Or did you fall into a slump?

We are all works in progress. Remember that! Some days are easy, some days are just freakin hard! Today, I’m tired, but I will push through and so will you!





6 thoughts on “Nobody said it was EASY

  1. My peeps tell me its more about what you eat, than how much you exercise, so don’t fret about the working out. Next time you crave wings, make sure they’re baked, drink water instead of beer and enjoy the food!

    Keep up the great work, and don’t let one bad day derail your process. You have goals, remember!



  2. Be kind to yourself. If a particular day is bad, resolve to do better the next day. We’ve all had moments where we got off track. Keep up the good work of journaling your food and being active. You’ve almost made it a week. Think how good it’ll feel at day 10, 14, 21, etc. Keep it up.


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