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It’s a Mental Battle – E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.


This train isn’t stopping. Not for lack of time or for injury. Believe me, there are many days where I want to throw in the towel. Pretty much since Day 1, I have negative and quitter type thoughts. But I also have the exact opposite feelings of accomplishment and pride for the good things too and I want to go into hyperdrive (for real though, I don’t think my body knows what hyperdrive means). It’s a full on mental battle, hell, WAR every day.

Same story, different words. Broken record, I know! But I feel that as time goes on and people show interest in getting healthy, start asking questions, etc… I realize that it’s all talk and no walk.

Sorry folks… I know you want a magic solution. A quick-fix. A one approach answer.


I get it. It’s hard!

But we’re all grown ups here, I think.

At some point you’re going to have to set a goal, make a plan and KILL IT! Yes, you’re an adult, you can do and say as you please. But if you want to make changes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Or your wine and the bottle too. Or whatever dumb analogy you want to plug in here.

If you’ve read the Whole 30, you’ll know that they address people who don’t like veggies. If you haven’t read it, they pretty much tell you to grow up for a hot minute and deal with it. Eat your veggies. You’re not 5 years old.


Same idea here… You don’t want to meal prep? Or eat healthy? Or go to the gym? Not even for 30 days? You just can’t grow the “f” up for 30 days and quit drinking and start showing up to a workout? I promise you’re not going to die (so ya I can’t really promise that, but you get me, right?). You can eat more than just fast food, maybe broccoli, spinach or squash. You don’t have to full on go hardcore ninja on everybody, just walk around your neighborhood instead of watching TV a couple a days a week. Drink a little more water.

You’re friends aren’t going to disown you if you go out for dinner and you don’t have that beer or glass of wine. Or maybe you don’t drink and it’s dessert that gets you. Just share that cheesecake with me, come on now! They may look at you funny and try to guilt you into indulging but you’re going to have to say, “Sorry, can’t do it. Not right now. Let me hit my goal first and then we’ll celebrate.”

And if your friends can’t handle that maybe find new friends. Or put those friends on hold until you have better will power.


Baby steps to everything is the key. Some of you can be all in, right here, right now, but you know I’m not really addressing you if that’s the case. You will begin to see change – physically and mentally. Then it won’t be so hard to continue. It will, however, still be easy to quit. It’s always easy to quit. And maybe if you decide to quit, you’ll guilt yourself for like a day but then you’ll be back to bad habits real quick.

Yes it takes discipline. And yes, I too find it hard to have it all of the time, 100%. But I finally hit a point of no return, if you will. Sure, I can quit anytime but why would I let my investment to myself go in the garbage? If you saved $5000 in 15 weeks, you’re not just going to go throw it in the trash. Same with health and fitness. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears on the road to a healthier life. Why suffer through it all, just to give it all up?


Know that you are not alone in this journey. I’d say most people have a hard time committing 100%.

I sure haven’t given my all, every single day. And look… I’m still making progress. I’m losing weight and inches and making gains on the barbell and overall fitness. Some days, weeks will be better than others. Some will be terrible and you’ll have to do all you can to finish the week or even just the day strong!

It’s ok if you fall. Just get back up and get back at it. It’s not ok if you fall EVERYDAY! You have to take a long good look at you and assess why you keep falling. Without failure, we won’t have success. It’s part of the cycle. But if you’re continuously failing, then there’s something else going on. Something deeper. Figure it out and fix it!


If I can do, you can do it! I’m no one special. I don’t have superpowers. I don’t have special genetics. I’m not a person that leans out quickly. If I think about a brownie, I’m pretty sure I gain 5lbs instantly. I’m a short, oompa loompa shaped girl. I have thick thighs and hips. I’m 5’3. I’ll never be a slender 5’7. I’ll never be a petite person. But I will be fit and I will be healthy and I might be able to kick some ass if need be.

So come on. Get your mind right. Toughen up. Let’s get going.





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