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Heyyyyy ooooo! I’m sore and I’m tired. But I feel good mentally. The support I’ve been getting is really great. I have new followers already and it’s nice. It’s like Oh Sh*†, this is real again. I gotta step up and do this. LIKE FOR REALS!


Please note, I’m not declaring a state of perfection here. I’m just trying to do little things to get myself in a better place then I’ll consider how hardcore I choose to be or not be. If you don’t know me, then you won’t know that I’m not lean and trim and fabulous… well I am fabulous but I’m lacking on the other stuff 🙂 This isn’t a 4 week, get 5lbs off thing. It’s a Get your Mind in the right place, Get Fit and Make it your Life thing and if I lose 30, 40, 50+ pounds, I’ll be in a better place physically and mentally.

Again, if you don’t personally know me, you also wouldn’t know that I have 3 teen boys (J1, J2 and J3) and a boyfriend, E. Our life can get a little haywire with schedules and unexpected, unpredictable crap! Which in turn gets me off my workout routine, eating routine, etc. And if I’m not prepared, then I am destined to have failures. It’s life, I expect insanity to show up at anytime and I know that some days will just be a loss. I also know, although still struggle to not let a bad day or meal derail me. Just accept it and move forward.

The accept and move forward concept can be hard. Trust me, it’s an everyday struggle! I’ve been the super strict, clean eating, workout 6 times a week, crazy person you roll your eyes at. And I’ve been the glutton who says “dessert?” even if I couldn’t finish my dinner. But to me it all boils down to the 80/20 idea.


You have probably heard, “80% nutrition and 20% in the gym,” or “80% clean eating and 20% do your best.” I feel like whatever you are doing, if you can give 80% to do good, then you’re on the right track. That keeps you from hitting a breaking point and completely losing your mind. In time with the right mindset, you can move closer to 100% mark if you choose.

I used to be an all or nothing type of person. But the “all-in way” wore on me to the point that I went “all-out” as in quit everything. It really depends on your personality though. If you are mentally tough enough to go 100% strict, I applaud you and will cheer you on. But I know, for me, that way is a quick route to failure. I’ll be successful for a few weeks then crash and burn. I’m working my way to 80/20. I’d say I’m at 70/30 right now. And maybe one day I’ll tell you I’m 90/10. We’ll see!


In the end, it’s the little things that will get you there. Making small changes over time will end up with big results. You just have to have patience and determination.

Daily Report (food and workout) 

Wednesday, 9/7 – Better on the eating during the day and probably splurged too much on chips at dinner, but I was HUNGRY!

Breakfast: Coffee with cream and Banana Pancakes w/maple syrup
Snack: Meal Replacement Bar
Lunch: Stuffed Bell Peppers
Snack: Necatarine, Almond Crusted Chicken Strips
Dinner: On the Border Mixed Fajitas with guacamole and two corn tortillas. No rice/beans/sour cream/cheese. Tell your server to not bring it out. Then you can’t have a taste and then accidentally eat it all! And yes, I probably ate too many chips because it took forever for the food to come out.

Skill/Strength – 3x of
20-30 sec hold on ring L-sit (modified: L-sit using boxes)
30-45 sec hold on Handstand

After I went up for my handstand and came back down, I realized my hamstring and glute were not ready for such things. So I rolled out my aching leg while everyone else worked on L-sits and Handstand holds.

Conditioning: 4 rds of
1 min each
KB (kettlebell) snatch
Air Squat

Total: 289 reps

If you CrossFit then you know that sometimes when the WOD looks easy, you know it’s really not. My problem was my leg again. I normally can rep out Air Squats fairly well. But I could feel the fatigue and weakness and then it became mental as well. I wouldn’t say I pushed my hardest because I got in my head. I will get better, it just takes time.







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