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It’s Friday, Finally!


Well it wasn’t a full work week and I still have the weekend to go, but overall I feel like I’m getting myself together. (i want a cookie) I’ve planned my meals via Snap Kitchen and I’m surviving. Dinners are still questionable but I’m cutting out a lot of extras in general. (maybe some pie) I know the eat-out life can’t continue full steam ahead forever but for now it’s what I’m working with due to lack of motivation in the kitchen.

I missed my workout last night, sigh.(how about a beer)  J2 and J3 had baseball at the same time but in two different locations. E takes one and I take the other. Just an example of how I can’t always make it to the box. (chick-fil-a sounds tasty) I’m mentally talking myself into doing some kind of work regardless if I can make it to the box or not. Go to the 5 a.m. class or just walk around the neighborhood. I know I need to do something, I just haven’t persuaded myself yet! (give me a cookie already) With time… right?

So I’m working on my motivation and have some short-term doable goals:

  1. Drink more water. I read somewhere that most people are in some state of dehydration. I carry water with me all of the time, but I’m not hitting the mark of half my body weight in ounces. Plus extra if you workout, which I do. This week I’ve made it a point to drink at least 20 oz on my drive in to work. Mission accomplished.
  2. Get more sleep. Struggling here. But really trying to lay down in bed ASAP when we are done with all our evening events.
  3. Make the time to work out even when I can’t get to CrossFit Boom. I had mentally planned and even set an alarm clock to wake up and go workout on Thursday early in the morning and today early in the morning. But my bed held me hostage. Hopefully traffic won’t be so horrible that I can’t make CFB tonight.
  4. Set new future goals, like way out there in the future goals such as cook some meals at home. Sprint (hahaha)! Do lunges as extra work… daily!

I do know, I will be with J2 for a baseball tournament this weekend… out-of-town. Just the two of us. And I’m not planning on taking prepared foods, just winging it, so hopefully I stay good. J2 is pretty good at “reminding” me I’m working on eating better. And I’m real good at pulling rank and threatening his life when he reminds me. So I’m going to do my best not to veto him.  😉

How are y’all doing? Is the struggle real? Are you just a champ and living the clean eating life? Let me know! Share you wins and your struggles.

Daily Report (food and workout) 

Thursday, 9/8

Breakfast: Coffee with cream and Chicken Sausage Breakfast Tacos
Snack: Advocare Meal Replacement Bar
Lunch: Turkey Chili and Nectarine
Snack: Asian Chicken Noodle Salad & handful of Skinny Pop
Dinner: TGI Fridays – 8oz Flat Iron Steak with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli

Well the mashed potatoes weren’t the healthiest thing of my day – I ate them with great pleasure. I was offered beer at baseball practice and politely declined. It was a nice night outside. Beer would have been an added bonus. I drank water instead 🙂

No Workout


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