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Time – Where Does It Go?

The last time I checked in with y’all was at the end of August. Guess what happens when I don’t hold myself accountable for almost two months?

I get sloppy.

Life got fast, busy and my schedule of organization went out the window. I have every excuse you can think of… it’s cool though. I’m putting myself in check.


I’ve waffled. I still eat healthy-ish sometimes but I also have been eating pizza and chick-fil-a and any kind of sugary bread known to mankind!

I still workout a little bit but like I just said… LIFE!

So here I am trying to get back to blogging because it helps me be honest with me because I’ve got to be honest with the world. Or the two or three of you that actually read this.

I’m going to hit my morning track workouts HARDER and I’m going to commit to an evening workout as much as I can. But most importantly, I’ve got to clean up the eating.

Folks, that’s where it’s at no matter what age, size or shape you are. You’ve got to drop all the junk. And I’m already cringing at the thought of all the junk I’ve ingested in the past several weeks! It’s going to hurt to eat clean. My body is going to crave the sugar, the chemicals, the badness! But I know what it feels like to eat clean. I know I recover more quickly from workouts. I sleep better. I function better.

I know some of you are saying to yourselves, life is short, I just want to enjoy it. I’ll eat what I want, drink what I want and I’m going to be happy about it. GOOD FOR YOU! I can’t do that. I want to the chance to potentially live a little longer, move a little better and grow old being active! Not hobbly and wobbly and hopped up on “meds” to keep me alive.

Wherever you are at in your journey, just keep on keepin on. I’m here to hold myself accountable and maybe encourage someone who needs it to get on track, get back on track or get even better!

So here’s to getting back into the groove of things!

Getting-Back-on-track (1)


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