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When Life is a Whirlwind

Hand writing So Many Things in To Do List, vector conceptYou gotta just make things happen!

I have ZERO magical powers. No extra hours in the day. Nothing. I got nothing more than you.

It’s not always easy, but seriously it’s not really all that hard. It’s just bucking up, getting real, and quit making excuses! SERIOUSLY!

If weight loss or getting healthier is not your thing, then this is not for you. But I know so many people who are always saying they are overweight or wish they were more fit. Guess what?!? It doesn’t happen magically. It takes time. It takes work. It takes discipline.


It means you have to set a goal, make a plan, and commit to the plan!

images (4)But then there’s the excuses: It’s not me. I don’t think I can go all in. I don’t have the time. I want to enjoy life. I have a happy hour to go to. Blah blah blah. If you really want it, you will make it happen. You will get up earlier to get your workout in. You will drink water instead of having a cocktail. Your friends are still fun if you are sober. At least they should be. If they are not, find new friends. It’s time to get real ladies and gentlemen!

I know the excuses! I’ve been there done that. I had made a decision that I was ok being bigger. This was who I am. I like my food and I like my booze. Just cruising along with my oompa loompa self. I was “content” or at least that’s what I told myself. I was even working out regularly.

But I was MISERABLE on the inside and didn’t even realize it. Everything hurt all the time. Working out was HARD. Squishing into places sucked. Breathing hard all the time was what I did. I didn’t even think I was “fat.” I wasn’t morbidly obese, but I was definitely fat. And then I realized I was not “content”, I was just making excuses cause I was a lazy human.

images (5)

But then I stopped making excuses! The journey hasn’t been EASY by any means and I’ve slipped up A LOT, but I kept getting back to it. I don’t know where this journey will lead me but I can tell you I feel better about me in general. And I’ve learned that I don’t have to have food or booze to make me happy.

So here’s where I’m at. Last time I checked in I was kind of at a plateau. Not getting enough sleep. But still sticking with the good food and workouts. My weight loss slowed to just tenths of a pound. I had a new food plan on the horizon and I finally got it and 90% committed to it for week 1. It was drastically different than what I had been doing and I wasn’t too excited about the change! Go figure! Hahahaha. Me & Change = craptastic attitude! If you followed along with my ONE/80 challenge then you know, I’m a big whiny girlbaby!

But I committed, like I do and guess what? I went from 165.4 to 163. That’s 2.4 pounds down in the first week. And I didn’t even fully follow through! What?!?! Maybe it was just a fluke or maybe it was just the change I needed. It’s hard to be mad at the process when it works!


I’m also supposed to do fasted cardio 3 times a week in addition to my normal workouts. I hit the workout once last week. So that was a huge fail. I will make 3 fasted cardio workouts this week… I WILL! I don’t want to wake up extra early, but I have to do it.

I still don’t really know what my new goal is, except to lose 20-25 more lbs. Approximately one month from now, it will be ONE YEAR since I decided to declare I was sick of being fat. I have lost 36 pounds since that declaration! Woot! I doubt I’ll get the 20 lbs off my mid-June but I’m a good path. And I will definitely hit my weight goal before the end of summer!

It’s a great big world out there. But seriously y’all I’m gonna have to start a GoFundMe so I can buy new clothes! Or to pay for baseball, that’s where all my money goes! My clothes are all big and baggy. It’s a bittersweet place to be.

Let’s go party people! Quit making excuses. Get on this train!


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