Making a Comback… trying at least

Hello, hello, old readers and potential new ones! Some of you may know I had a fun adventure at idrankthecfkoolaid.com, but now I feel that I need to finally put that blog to rest and start fresh. I know I haven’t written a dang word in over a year and don’t get me wrong, I still CrossFit, but if I’m going to start blogging again, I feel a change is necessary. And as cliché as my new blog name happens to be, it’s true. I love life, love to love, love to laugh and love to lift! But that’s a long ass blog name!

So since it has been quite a while since I’ve meddled around here, I go back and forth:

  • Is this worth doing?
  • Do I offer anything helpful?
  • Or is this just a “good-for-me” thing – to get my thoughts, frustrations and observations out in the world.

I guess at some point, the answer will be YES to all of the above but right now it’s a “good-for-me” thing. I need focus and accountability. Here I can hash out my plans/goals/failures and have something to reflect on to hopefully motivate me to keep moving towards my goals.

Without being more wordy than I normally am, I’ll just say, WELCOME and thank you for reading. I’m starting fresh after so many reboots. I’m not perfect, nor will I ever claim to be. I work hard (when I put in work, key word “when”) and I live a crazy hectic life. I’m not here to judge you* and I hope you’re not here to judge me! I will share my eating habits, my workout habits and maybe some parenting successes and failures. I’ll encourage you if you want and I’ll listen as well if you want to share your journey with me.

I’ve been on a 2-week workout hiatus after an ugly fall I had. So I get back to it today. I’ll let you know how sore I am tomorrow!

*Ok I may judge, if you tell me one thing and then do the complete opposite. But I will be nice about it!



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